The next chance to see my work will be at the TADWORTH ART GROUP SPRING EXHIBITION at the PETER AUBERTIN HALL, Emore Road, Chipstead, Surrey, CR5 3SG on Friday (evening), Saturday and Sunday 15th/16th/17th May 2020. Wine and canapes will be served on Friday evening 6.30 - 10pm. On Saturday we are open from 10am to 5pm, and on Sunday from 10am to 5pm. Please see the Tadworth Art Group website for further details.

In 2020 I shall be joining my fellow artist Peter Hayes again as part of SURREY ARTISTS OPEN STUDIOS at his studio at Field Cottage, Lymwick Street, Rudgwick, Surrey , RH12 3DN. Dates to be advised.

Welcome to my gallery!


'Yellow Cab' 

I hope you will enjoy the items I have displayed in my gallery which have been chosen to show the range and style of my work.  I welcome any questions and comments you have about them.

I have drawn and painted all my life and some of my earliest memories are of toying with plasticine and crayon and trying to represent the visual world around me. There must have been signs of early promise when my teacher at infants' school set aside a classroom to myself for an afternoon so that I could paint a picture of Tower Bridge. She was rather disappointed when what emerged was a scene of cowboys and Indians!

Things became a little serious more when, aged eight, I was given a collection of tubes of oil paint by a neighbour about to emigrate. This opened a new world of colour and subtlety.

I now work in a variety of mediums: oil, watercolour, acrylic, ink and, less frequently, in pastel. I take inspiration from many sources but my pictures overwhelmingly reflect the interest I have in the light of the Impressionists, the colours of the Fauves and the German Expressionists and the charm of the Art Deco period. My pictures also draw from my travels, places and events, and the fascination of the human form. The Mediterranean - especially Provence, Italy and USA - are special sources of inspiration for me.

I welcome inquiries via email at or the guest book on this website. See also Chris Dolling Art on Facebook

I am an active member of the Tadworth Art Group, details of whose events and exhibitions can be found at

Please enjoy!

 Chris Dolling

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